Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow Feather
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow
  • Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow

Down & Feather 3 Chamber Pillow

100% Natural Down & Feather




Fabric 100% Cotton
Pillow color White

Goose down & feather

Duck down & feather


50 x 70 cm  
60 x 60 cm  
70 x 70 cm  




High quality pillow with natural goose down / feather.

The feathers and down of waterfowl are one of the oldest and best materials known in the nature used in the production of bedding.  We carefully sort and select only the best quality European down and feathers to provide you the most comfortable bedding.  This pillow designed with 3 chambers construction, which sides are filled with goose down, and the middle layer is filled with a carefully selected duck feather and down composite. This pillow is a high sink experience, meaning it conforms to your head and adjusts to your changing sleep positions.


3 chamber pillow structure:

  • The upper and lower layers of the 3 chamber pillow are made using carefully selected, more expensive and more comfortable goose down and feathers.
  • The duck down and feather filling in the middle of the pillow is stiffer, therefore it retains perfectly the form of the pillow. 


HYPERCLEAN – European down & feathers are carefully washed in the environmentally friendly, proprietary blend of mild soaps, so all dust, dirt and allergens are removed.


Naturally warm – keeps you plenty warm during cold nights, because down is nature's best insulator.


Moisture control - such characteristics as moisture absorption and the good retaining of warmth are inherent to these pillows. Sleeping, the microclimate becomes ideal, the optimal to the body temperature is maintained.


Breathable – the down and feather filling allows the skin to breathe; it is practical and durable.


Design – all 3 Chamber pillows will be illustrated with little gold feathers.

It is a long lasting, especially comfortable feather pillow, which will create the ideal atmosphere for your rest and sleep!


Three chamber pillows is easy to maintain, they can be washed at the temperature of 30o degrees. 


The bedding is certified as meeting Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements.


Natural Cotton packaging.


Made in Lithuania




Washing Instruction: