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  • Aloe Vera MEMORY pillow
  • Aloe Vera MEMORY pillow

Aloe Vera MEMORY pillow




Fabric Aloe Vera microfibre fabric
Filling 100% shredded viscoelastic foam (Memory Foam)


For a quality and uninterrupted night's sleep, the exclusive Aloe Vera MEMORY pillow is the perfect choice. Made from a unique and highly adaptable viscoelastic (Memory Foam) material, it provides ergonomic support for the neck, ensuring a correct positioning of the spine, neck and head during sleep. Forget insomnia and enjoy quality rest!

The Aloe Vera MEMORY Pillow is impregnated with aloe vera extract and has anti-allergenic properties, so that unwanted bacteria, fungus or dust mites do not grow in the viscoelastic material. It is the ideal choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The unique structure of the pillow creates comfort throughout sleep. The air gaps in the filling ensure air permeability, so your skin will breathe and not sweat. This pillow is suitable for all seasons.