Services for furniture manufacturers

The experience we have gained over many long years in the textile manufacturing industry has allowed us to work with a wide range of business partners, which has expanded our horizons and skill-set. The many challenges that Comco has overcome have enabled us to grow a unique culture focused on quality.

Furniture manufacturers have a special place in our clientele. Services that we provide upon request:

  • Stitching services using either our materials or fabrics provided by clients (minimum of 100 m.);
  • Tufting;
  • Sewing of mattress and top-mattress covers;
  • Production of furniture cushions;
  • Manufacturing of furniture cushion fillings;
  • Filling of furniture cushions.

The most popular products for furniture manufacturers are our furniture cushions and decorative cushions.

The most frequently used materials for furniture cushion production:

  • 100% cotton;
  • cotton-polyester fabric;
  • Flizelin or spund-bond.

The most frequently used materials for furniture cushion fillings:

  • Natural: goose down and feathers, duck down and feathers, linen, cotton, wool, Tencel fiber;
  • Synthetic: hollow conjugate silicone polyester fiber, polyester fiber balls, chopped viscoelastic memory foam, chopped latex and variations of mentioned fibers;

Due to our extensive experience, we relish new challenges.