Bed Linen

Bed Linen

We provide customised bed linen production services. We manufacture blankets, pillows, bedding for children, mattress toppers, mattress protectors and other bedding textiles of various sizes and compositions.

Comco offers the personalized production of textile goods. We are confident in our ability to satisfy even the most particular needs. Comco will manufacture original bed linen for adults and children tailored to your request. We select many different fabrics. Whether they are natural or synthetic, they are produced using the most advanced manufacturing methods.

During the 25 years of operation, comfort, reliability, and innovations have become the core principles of our organization. This has allowed us to take care of every client professionally and efficiently. By upgrading our manufacturing processes, optimizing logistical operations, and investing in the development of our employees’ skills, we have established ourselves as market leaders of the industry. Therefore, Comco provides effective services that have earned it an impeccable reputation.

Our services:

  • Mass production of quilts and pillows tailored to individual request (starting at 50 units);
  • Mass production of specialty quilts for businesses that provide accommodation, hospitals, kindergartens, and summer camps.
  • Stitching services using either our materials or fabrics provided by clients (minimum of 100 m.)
  • Riveting for attachable duvets
  • Bed linen sewing services.


  • Natural: cotton, bamboo, terry cotton (Frote);
  • Semi-synthetic fabrics containing cotton and polyester (white, colored);
  • Synthetic: microfiber, seersucker, aloe vera.

There are many different filling options for quilts and pillows (both stitched and non-stitched).

Quilt fillings:

  • Natural: bamboo fiber, silk, washable sheep’s wool, camel wool, cotton, linen, Tencel fiber;
  • Synthetic: hollow conjugate silicone polyester fiber.

Pillow fillings:

  • Natural: goose down and feathers, duck down and feathers, linen, cotton, wool, Tencel fiber;
  • Synthetic: hollow conjugate silicone polyester fiber, polyester fiber balls, chopped viscoelastic memory foam, chopped latex.

Each and every order is important to us. We pay close attention to every detail. Thus, you can be sure that we will deliver you an exclusive and long-lasting product upon your request. You can choose from different packaging options: PE standard film, spun-bond bags, hand-made eco-friendly cotton bags, or rolling. Our devoted attitude towards providing services will surpass even the highest expectations.