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  • Camel Wool Quilt
  • Camel Wool Quilt
  • Camel Wool Quilt
  • Camel Wool Quilt
  • Camel Wool Quilt

Camel Wool Quilt

Camel Wool quilt


Light brown


Fabric 100% Cotton / Pecale
Quilt color options Light brown
Filling Camel wool wadding (85% camel wool / 15% polyester)
Quilt fill grammar 400 g/m2


100 x 135 cm  
140 x 200 cm  
200 x 220 cm  


  • the bedding with Camel Wool will create a healthy, natural and safe sleep environment
  • the bedding has Natural anti-bacterial properties
  • natural, soft and smooth
  • stronger and lighter than other types of wool
  • maintains optimal body temperature
  • suitable for use all year round
  • breathable & durable


Camel wool quilts are known for their thermoregulation properties, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The fabric allows your skin to breathe and ensures excellent air circulation.

Natural Camel wool is hygienic, as it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and dust mites that can cause allergic reactions.

Warm, cozy and hygienic, it is fit to use throughout the year.

The bedding is certified as meeting Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements.

Natural Cotton packaging.

Made in Lithuania



Washing Instruction: