Lilla Lull Quilt SUPERWASH Lilla Superwash
  • Lilla Lull Quilt SUPERWASH
  • Lilla Lull Quilt SUPERWASH
  • Lilla Lull Quilt SUPERWASH

Lilla Lull Quilt SUPERWASH

Washable sheep wool




Fabric 100% Cotton / Percal
Quilt color options white
Filling 85% Sheep Wool / 15% polyester
Quilt fill grammar 300 g/m2


100 x 135 cm  


  • the bedding with Sheep Wool will create a healthy, natural and safe sleep environment to your Baby
  • the bedding has Natural anti-bacterial properties
  • wool is hygienic - it naturally prevents bacterial growth;
  • during sleep, absorbs and evaporates moisture, allows the cuticle to breathe;
  • the upper fabric of the blanket is made of high quality cotton; 
  • suitable for use all year round
  • the bedding may be washed in a conventional washing machine.


Natural Sheep Wool Blanket
Sheep Wool products are self-regulating and responds to body temperature. In other words, it allows the body to cool down during the summer and warms up during the winter. Basically, this will ensure a calm sleep all year round.

Natural Comfort – has a unique quality of softness and lightness which will allow you to sleep comfortably.

Natural anti-stress – perfectly removes static stress.

Natural antibacterial properties – has a natural barrier against dust mites and bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions. 

 Natural Sheep Wool Blanket is easy to maintain, washable using a conventional washing machine at the temperature of 4degrees Celsius. 

The bedding is certified as meeting Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements.

Made in Lithuania



Washing Instruction: