Pillow with Bamboo Bamboo
  • Pillow with Bamboo
  • Pillow with Bamboo
  • Pillow with Bamboo
  • Pillow with Bamboo
  • Pillow with Bamboo
  • Pillow with Bamboo

Pillow with Bamboo

NEW Bamboo pillow design




Fabric 60% Bamboo / 40% Cotton fabric quilted with Bamboo mix wadding (100g)
Pillow color White
Filling 100% polyester fiber balls (Exclusive)
Pillow fill grammar 600 g


50 x 70 cm  
60 x 60 cm  



  • The bedding with Bamboo will create a healthy, Natural and safe sleep environment
  • The bedding has Natural anti-bacterial properties
  • It well absorbs moisture and evaporates it
  • Due to its Natural features, Bamboo fibre is extremely durable and breathable
  • Suitable for people prone to allergies, bamboo is resistant to dust mites and mould
  • The pillow washable with conventional washing machine

Luxury gentleness 
Fabric of Bamboo pillows is made of Natural Bamboo and Cotton fabric quilted with 100g Bamboo mix wadding. This fabric is soft and tender equivalent to silk. Quilting maintains the structure of a pillow and prevents it from lumping. 600g of especially fluffy, anti-allergic “Exclusive“ polyester fiber balls are used for the filling of the pillow. The filling of balls is more durable than the one of polyester fiber. 

Naturally antibacterial 
Bamboo is characterized by it's Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is resistant to dust mites.

Bamboo fiber is extremely durable and air permeable due to its natural properties.

Bamboo suppresses bacterial reproduction and has natural temperature regulation properties. Pillows with Bamboo easy to maintain, they can be washed at the temperature of 30o degrees. 

The bedding is certified as meeting Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements.

Natural Cotton packaging.

Made in Lithuania.



Washing Instruction: