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  • Sanforized Cotton Quilt
  • Sanforized Cotton Quilt

Sanforized Cotton Quilt

100% Sanforized Cotton




Fabric 100 % cotton (Sanforized)
Quilt color options white
Filling 100 % polyester fiber
Quilt fill grammar 300 g / m2


140 x 200 cm  
200 x 220 cm  


Exclusive comfort and hygiene
Quilts made of Sanforized cotton retain their structure longer than synthetic bedding. Cotton is one of the oldest and most natural fabrics used in textile. Cotton fabric is strong and durable, it is especially resistant to wearing, easy to maintain.
Sanforized cotton was created pursuing to minimize the shrinkage of textile articles, which exposed to water and heat would not change their initial structure. Such cotton is processed at extremely high temperatures during the production of the fabric; therefore it retains its dimensional stability washing and boiling the bedding even at the temperature of 95 degrees Celsius.
300 g/m² hollow siliconised polyester fiber is used to fill quilts. It provides quilt with the feeling of friability and comfort.

Maximum humidity control
Cotton is perfectly breathable, absorbs moisture, allows the skin to breathe.

Low maintenance & hygienic protection
Natural, warm and hygienic, designated to be used all year round.
Washing of bedding at the extremely high temperature of 95 C will protect the rest of your guests against undesirable bacteria or fungus, creating an exceptionally clean and safe sleeping environment.
The bedding is certified as according to Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements.




Washing Instruction: